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The Sonoris DDP Player

The Sonoris DDP Player is a standalone cross-platform application that imports DDP 2.00 images and Cue Sheet (cue) files for playback or creating RedBook compatible audio CD’s.

Universal DDP reading

The DDP Player can import (loadback) a DDP 2.00 fileset made by any software, like Bias Peak Studio (XT), Sonic Studio HD, SADiE, Sequoia or Pyramix. You can playback tracks, audition gaps, see all PQ codes, ISRC, MCN and CD-Text data. Another feature is the Check Project function that tests the imported project against a set of RedBook specification rules.

Enhanced CD

Besides audio data a CD can also hold computer data like images, videos, songtexts or even program files. A CD with additional data is called an Enhanced CD. It is possible to add data in the space before the first track or as a separate data session on the CD. The DDP Player supports the extra session as this is the most common and compatible format. When an Enhanced CD is played back in a normal CD player it will play just like any other audio CD. But when this CD is opened on a Windows PC or Mac it will show the data session as an extra drive.

iOS app

An iOS version of the DDP Player is included. The installation is simple, just download the free DDP Player app in the Apple App Store and use your serial number to unlock it. The DDP Player for iOS supports DropBox for easy DDP file import.

DDP Player OEM

The DDP Player is also available as a branded OEM version for (online) mastering studios that want clients to listen to and approve DDP masters. The OEM version has all features of the regular version, but is tailor made with studio branding like a logo, name, address and website URL and may be given freely to customers.


  • Peak meters
  • Import DDP 1.0x and 2.00 image files (loadback)
  • Cue Sheet (cue) support
  • Pyramix .pmi CD image support
  • CD Architect CD image support
  • Enhanced CD support
  • MD5 checking
  • MP3 and AAC encoding, up to 320 kbps
  • Automatic file tagging for .flac, .mp3 and .m4a files using CD text data
  • Export files with variable naming, for example: (%track name%)
  • ISRC codes embedded in .wav file following the MPG / EBU standard
  • Drag and drop of zip files with DDP image
  • Continuous playback of tracks
  • Audio CD burning
  • RedBook compliance checking
  • PQ Sheet pdf export
  • Time display selectable between disc time or track time
  • Automatic Updates
  • Easy Online License Activation
  • USB drive based license activation for offline computers
  • Universal iOS version (iPad and iPhone) with DropBox support included

System requirements

  • Windows
    Windows 7 or higher
  • OSX
    Mac OSX 10.11 or higher
  • iOS
    iOS 9 or higher