Upgrade and update policy

Version numbering

Our software uses the following version number scheme: a.b.c.d (e.g.

  • a = major
  • b = minor
  • c = maintenance
  • d = build


We are always improving our software and frequently release updates that include bugfixes and improvements.  We define an update when the major version remains the same, e.g. from version to These updates are and will always be free.


Occasionally, we release upgrades to our software. We define a software upgrade as follows:

  • A move from one major version to a later one (e.g. v4 to v5). These upgrades involve a fee that is 50% of the current sales price, independent of your current version. If you have purchased the software within a ‘grace period‘ (45 days before the release of the new major version), Sonoris Software will gladly provide you with a free upgrade. The free upgrade under the ‘grace period’ terms is not applicable for NFR or other free licenses or licenses purchased from 3rd party vendors.
  • When moving from a lower end version to a higher end version of the software, e.g. from Standard to Pro. This kind of upgrade also involves a fee that is determined by the difference between the two sales prices. When upgrading to a higher end version the major version number stays the same.

Older Versions

We encourage all customers to stay current with the latest versions of our software but we provide support for at least 2 previous major versions as long as the software is run on a supported operating system.
Note: Sonoris Software has a right to change its Upgrade Policy without notice but all the changes in our Upgrade Policy will be posted here and related website locations.