Feedback Module for DDP Player OEM

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The Sonoris DDP Player OEM

Feedback Module

Allow your clients to easily give feedback within their DDP Player OEM. Finetuning and collaborating with your clients will be a streamlined experience.

Feedback from your clients,
directly in your DDP Player OEM

The feedback will be shown once you open the DDP file.

Sonoris Master Feedback Server

Master Feedback from Rob Girtons


Feedback by e-mail

Once a client submits their feedback, you receive an email with the details.

Allow your clients to give feedback, directly from their DDP Player

Feedback on


Let clients make a comment at any position in a waveform. Perfect for time-specific annotations.

Feedback on

CD Text

Allow suggestions to change any CD Text element.

Choose who can give feedback

Using the security option, you are able to keep individual clients from giving feedback.