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The Sonoris Meter

With the Sonoris Meter, you can measure peak and loudness levels of audio signals, simultaneously at one scale. Besides a regular meter scale the Sonoris Meter supports the K-System, from Bob Katz, mastering engineer and founder of Digido masteringstudio. The end product closely follows the K-system specifications, including
Leq(A) loudness metering and bandlimited pink noise monitor calibration.

Oversampling peakmeter mode

The Sonoris Meter features an oversampling peakmeter mode. In this mode the plugin catches intersample peaks that can cause ear fatiguing sound when audio is played on consumer CD players. Many CD players have inferior D/A converters with little headroom that will distort with samples above the clip level. These peaks occur when the audio is clipped (read squashed / limited) or otherwise digitally manipulated (eg. VSTi’s). In oversampling mode the SMTR models the D/A conversion process and allows for maximizing the level but avoiding this distortion.

Correlation meter

At the bottom of the interface a correlation meter can be found. This meter enables the user to monitor the phase relationship between the left and right channels.

The K-System

The Sonoris Meter makes use of the K-System. The main advantage of this system is that you always work at the same monitor level, and the chosen set defines how much headroom there is available. This allows you to be more consistent in your mastering.


  • Sample-accurate peak metering
  • K-System metering, closely following the K-System specifications, allowing for three metering sets
  • Regular, non K-system scale also available
  • High resolution metering of peak and loudness levels, on the same scale
  • Intersample peak metering mode
  • Correlation meter
  • Peakhold function with resetable indicators or 10 seconds hold
  • Loudness measurement methods: RMS/flat (AES-17) and Leq(A-weighted)
  • Pink noise output (left, right or stereo) for monitor calibration of 0 dBr / 83 dB
  • Adjustable number of consecutive overs before clipping
  • Resettable clipping indicators
  • Resettable clipping incident counters
  • Mousewheel support
  • All samplerates supported
  • Low CPU load
  • Settings can be saved
  • 64 bit resolution

There are hardware options such as VU meters, or LED offerings from Dorrough, Logitek, or Mytek. But Sonoris Meter is a plug-in that offers similar performance, allows on-the-fly scale changes, and generates calibration tones at a fraction of the price of the hardware units.


The Sonoris Meter is a flexible and affordable addition to my setup. The K-System and oversampling features help ensure consistent levels and accuracy.

Richard Morris

Mastering Engineer at Richard Morris Mastering

This is the one plugin that is used in every session.

Michael McInnis

Michael McInnis Productions

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