The Sonoris Leveler

The Sonoris Leveler is a freeware compressor suitable for mastering or mixing in SAWStudio. In the development of the Leveler, a well known vintage leveling amplifier was held as starting point.

Gain reduction meter

The Sonoris Leveler has a high resolution gain reduction meter. The ratio is fixed but can be set to “compression” or “limiting”. Attack and release are fully program dependent and the envelope is dual stage.


The output section of the plugin also features a limiter. This guarantees that the output will never exceed the 0dB point. This limiter can also be used as an effect to “warm” up a signal.

Using the Sonoris Leveler with the Sonoris MS Codec

The Sonoris Leveler is able to process one channel only. With this feature, in combination with the Sonoris MS Codec, it is possible to perform very powerful processing in the MS domain.


  • Ratio fixed for compression or limiting
  • Auto-attack ranging from 10 usec. to 100 usec. program dependent
  • Auto-release ranging from 0.5 sec. to 5 sec. program dependent
  • Threshold ranging from –50 dBfs to 0 dBfs
  • Dual stage opto envelope for both attack and release.
  • Selectable high-pass sidechain filter ranging from 45 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Mode: Normal, sidechain signal is the sum of left and right
  • Mode: Left channel only for use with the Sonoris MS Codec plugin
  • Mode: Right channel only, as above
  • Mode: Sidechain listen
  • Output section limiter with limiter-action dependant light
  • A high resolution gain reduction meter
  • Make up gain ranging from – 12.5 dB to + 12.5 dB
  • A level meter
  • full automation possible
  • low CPU load
  • settings can be saved
  • 64 bit resolution
  • TPDF dither is used to convert the 64 bit signal back to SAW format. The dither is generated in assembly language