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This page helps you to activate Sonoris software. The activation process is the same for the standalone software as well as the plugins.

Download and install the License Activator

To activate the software you need the Sonoris License Activator, a standalone software tool used to activate licenses for all of your purchased Sonoris software.

Download License Activator for Windows

Download License Activator for Mac

The downloaded file will be in the form of a ".zip" archive.

  • On OS X, double click the download file to unzip the archive; the unzipped installer file will now appear in the same folder as the downloaded file
  • On Windows, double click the downloaded file to unzip the archive. A folder will open with the unzipped file; Drag the file inside the folder to your desktop, to unzip the file

Double click the unzipped installer file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the License Activator software on your machine

  • On OS X, the launchable application will be installed in the "Applications" folder
  • On Windows, the launchable application can be accessed from the start menu inside a folder named "Sonoris", as well as a shortcut placed on the Windows desktop

How to use the License Activator

If you want to activate your purchased Sonoris software, click the icon for the License Activator Software, to launch the program. You will see the following dialog box:

Click on "Full" to activate the full licensed version of your software.

  • In the first two fields, type the same email address and password that you used when you registered your online account at the Sonoris web store.
  • In the "Serialnumber" field, type your serial number. A link to your serial number can be found in the License Information email you received after the purchase.
  • Click on "Activate".

The next screen allows you to choose what device you wish to install your license to. Options include:

  • This Computer: Activates the Sonoris software that resides on the same computer that the License Activator software is running on.
  • Computer without Internet: Allows you to activate Sonoris Software running on a machine with no Internet Connection. See the other tab on this page for more details.
  • External Drive: Places license file on an external drive, allowing you to use your license on Sonoris software installations on other machines. See the other tab on this page for more details.

Trial Mode

If you want to start the trial period for your Sonoris software, click the icon for the License Activator Software, to launch the program. You will see the following dialog box:

Click on "Trial" to activate the trial version of your software.

  • You will be asked what specific software title you wish to activate.
  • Click on "Activate".

Please note that trial mode is not available when authorizing an external USB drive, as opposed to authorizing your computer.

Activating Without Internet

It is possible to activate Sonoris software on a computer that is not connected to the internet by activating it through another computer that is connected to the internet.


On the computer WITHOUT internet:

  • Install the software you want to activate.
  • Start the software and press "Ok" in the message box saying that the software is unregistered.
  • On the desktop you'll find a file called "challenge.txt". Copy this file to the computer that has internet access.

On the computer WITH internet:

  • Install the License Activator software, select "Full" or "Trial" and then select the "Computer without Internet" in the device selector.
  • Click on the "Open challenge file" button.
  • In the file selection dialog that appears, navigate to and select the "challenge.txt" file you copied to this computer.
  • A file called "response.txt" will be saved in the same folder as where the "challenge.txt" file was found.
  • To finish the activation, copy this file to the desktop of the computer without internet and start the software.

Activating an USB Flash Drive

The License Activator Software allows you to place your license on an external USB flash drive, which can then be used to operate your Sonoris software application on any single machine that the USB drive is currently connected to.

To activate an external USB drive in the License Activator software, select the desired drive letter and then click on the "activate" button.

Since licensing the external USB drive allows the license to be carried to multiple machines, only one license is provided if you activate an external USB drive.

Note that the license placed on the USB drive takes precedence over a license installed to the computer itself. This means that if you travel to a studio with the Standard version of a Sonoris application installed on the studio's computer, and you mount your USB drive with a Pro license on the same computer, the application will run as the Pro version.

Note also that the USB drive can be any type of USB drive, as long as it contains a serial number (which most modern USB flash drives do).

The activation system is compatible with licensing systems from other vendors, such as Waves and Plugin Alliance, which means you can keep all of your software licenses on one single USB stick.