Mastering Compressor

"Although I have used other digital processors with some success, I don't think that any of them gave quite the same transparency of performance as the Sonoris."

Sound On Sound, USA/UK/EU, 12-2014
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Mastering Compressor

"This is the best mastering compressor I've ever heard in the digital realm!"

MixCoach, USA, 11-2014

Compressor & Multiband Compressor

"o jeden z nejlepších multiband pluginů na trhu vůbec."

Music Store, CZ, 07-2013
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Mastering Equalizer & Parallel Equalizer

"These are top-notch digital EQs. They take an individual approach to the task and each achieves something rather special: the Mastering EQ in its tremendous flexibility and ergonomic advantages, the Parallel EQ in its gentle clarity and wonderful ability to retrieve detail."

Sound On Sound, USA/UK/EU, 03-2013
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Mastering Compressor

"Mastering Compressor represents a technological breakthrough: it's the cleanest compression we've heard to date, and it's capable of extreme punch when required."

Computer Music, USA/UK/EU, 05-2012
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Mastering Equalizer

"Der Sonoris Mastering Eq ist ein wirklich flexibler Equalizer mit umfangreicher Funktionsausstattung und gutem Klang."

Keys, GER, 05-2011
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DDP Player OEM

"I can't think of a better way to offer reference masters for approval."

TapeOp, USA/UK/EU, 01-2011
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DDP Creator

"Sonoris Audio Engineering DDP Creator is een volwaardig programma om betrouwbare ddp-bestanden te maken."

Interface Magazine, NL, 11-2010
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"There are hardware options such as VU meters, or LED offerings from Dorrough, Logitek, or Mytek. But Sonoris Meter is a plug-in that offers similar performance, allows on-the-fly scale changes, and generates calibration tones at a fraction of the price of the hardware units."

TapeOp, USA/UK/EU, 08-2009
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(Linear Phase) Equalizer

"Mit den beiden Equalizern sind Sonoris äußerst leistungsfähige und transparent klingende Präzisionswerkzeuge gelungen."

Beat Magazine, GER, 05-2009
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