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Option: Price: €299.00  Download

Windows Mac


The Sonoris DDP Player OEM is a standalone cross-platform application that imports DDP 2.00 images and Cue Sheet (cue) files for playback or creating RedBook compatible audio CD's. The OEM version has all features of the regular DDP Player, but is tailor made with your studio branding like a logo, name, address and website URL.

This version is designed as a tool for (Online) Mastering studios that want their clients to review or approve DDP masters and let them burn reference masters to CD. This license allows you to send any number of copies freely to your customers.

Download a demo

Download here a demo for Windows or Mac. This demo is a fully functional and will open the test DDP image you can download on this page too. This should give you a good idea about how your customer will experience the DDP Player.

DDP Player OEM for Windows
DDP Player OEM for Mac
Test DDP

Just download and install the appropriate version for your platform and download the file too. Start the DDP Player and drop the zip file on it.

iOS version

Besides a Windows and Mac version, an iOS version of the DDP Player OEM is included. The installation is simple, just point your customer to the free DDP Player app in the Apple App Store. The DDP Player for iOS supports DropBox for easy DDP file import.

Security option

Security option

The Security Option is an optional add-on to the DDP Player OEM that adds the following features:

1) your client will be able to open only YOUR DDP images, no 3rd party ones allowed

2) you can optionally encrypt the DDP image so only your client can decrypt it with his copy of the DDP Player

3) you can optionally restrict the CD burning and file extraction functions for any DDP image

The security option is a Mac / Windows tool for the mastering engineer to process the DDP image before sending it to the client. It can also be purchased separately and added to an existing license here.

ISRC logo


  • Import DDP 1.0x and 2.00 image files (loadback)
  • Cue Sheet (cue) support
  • Pyramix .pmi CD image support
  • CD Architect CD image support
  • MD5 checking
  • Enhanced CD support
  • MP3 and AAC encoding, up to 320 kbps
  • Automatic file tagging for .flac, .mp3 and .m4a files using CD text data
  • Export files with variable naming (%track name%)
  • ISRC codes embedded in .wav file following the MPG / EBU standard
  • Drag and drop of zip files with DDP image
  • Continuous playback of tracks
  • Audio CD burning
  • RedBook compliance checking
  • Displays your logo, company name and website URL
  • PQ Sheet pdf export
  • Time display selectable between disc time or track time
  • Additional security option
  • Universal iOS version (iPad and iPhone) with DropBox support included

Feature comparison

System requirements Windows:

  • Windows 2000 or higher

System requirements Mac:

  • Mac OSX 10.5 or higher
  • Processor type Intel needed for CD burning functions

System requirements iOS:

  • iOS 9 or higher

Delivery and changes

To build your DDP Player OEM we need some information from you. This is specified in this file:

Branding Specification

After we receive this information the software will be delivered by email within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).


You can always have us change the logo and / or other branding details later. We'll do it free of charge!


"I can't think of a better way to offer reference masters for approval."

TapeOp, USA/UK/EU, 01-2011
logo TapeOp


"The Sonoris DDP Player has allowed us to send reference files along to our clients that we know will sound as close to our Gateway CD references as possible. The Player is easy to use, adds efficiency to our workflow, and most importantly delivers a reference to our clients that we know will maintain the sonic integrity so important to what we do here at Gateway Mastering."

Adam Ayan
Mastering Engineer,
Gateway Mastering & DVD

"Had the first success yesterday with a client 600 kilometers away approving a premaster within hours from finishing it here, using your software at both ends. We do like this "Internet" thing, especially in combination with such wonderful tools."

Thomas Eberger
Mastering Engineer,
Stockholm Mastering

"My clients really seem to love it; no problem getting it running and burning discs at their locations. It's done wonders for my international business."

Rick Fisher
Mastering Engineer,
RFI / CD Mastering


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