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The Sonoris Compressor is a versatile compressor suitable for mastering or mixing. It is meant to be a compressor that can be very transparent but also have some "character". Transparency can be achieved by selecting auto-release and opto envelope emulation together with two soft knees. If a more warm sound is needed you can for example choose RC envelope emulation with a harder knee.

The NCMP has a high resolution gain reduction meter and a transfer graph, so you can actually see what you are doing. The ratio is allowed to be lower than 1 so it's also an upward expander. The ratio can be set to infinit for limiting action.

The ouput section of the NCMP also features a limiter. This guarantees that the output will never exceed the 0dB point. This limiter can also be used as an effect to “warm” up a signal.

The NCMP is able to process one channel only. With this feature, in combination with the Sonoris MS Codec, it is possible to perform very powerful processing in the MS domain.


  • Ratio ranging from 0.5:1 to infinity for compression, upward expansion and limiting
  • Attack ranging from 0 msec to 1 sec. Totally clickfree, even at the lowest values!
  • Selectable auto-attack
  • Release ranging from 1 msec to 5 sec
  • Selectable auto-release ranging from 0.5 sec. to 5 sec. program dependent (opto mode)
  • Threshold ranging from –60 dBfs to 0 dBfs
  • Very flexible knee setting from hard to soft in 100 steps
  • A second knee that enables the compressor to adjust the ratio back to 1:1 above the threshold. Also adjustable in 100 steps from hard to soft knee
  • Two envelope types, RC and Opto
  • Selectable high-pass sidechain filter ranging from 45 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Supports 5 modes:
    • Normal, sidechain signal is the sum of left and right
    • Highest, sidechain signal is the highest value of the left and right channel
    • Left channel only for use with the Sonoris MS Codec plugin
    • Right channel only, as above
    • Sidechain listen
  • Output section limiter with limiter-action dependant light
  • Mousewheel support
  • The gain transfer is shown graphically in realtime
  • A high resolution gain reduction meter
  • Make up gain ranging from – 25 dB to + 25 dB
  • A level meter
  • Track following
  • Full automation possible
  • Low CPU load
  • Settings can be saved
  • 64 bit integer math
  • TPDF dither is used to convert the 64 bit signal back to SAW format. The dither is generated in assembly language


"o jeden z nejlepších multiband pluginů na trhu vůbec."

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"...I have the Compressor! It will be a mainstay of ALL my production! You are a fantastic programmer!"

Carl Grout
Audio Producer/Voice Talent


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